My 10-Day Vipassana Meditation Experience

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My Vipassana Meditation experience was life-transforming. I am not being paid or compensated in any way for creating this video review. I am simply doing it because the course truly helped me in my life and I highly recommend everyone try it.

There are three parts to this meditation:

1. Anapana – focusing on the breath and the sensations of the breath. This is what we practiced for the first 3 days of the course to help sharpen the mind and prepare for the actual Vipassana technique.

2. Vipassana – observing the sensations of the body without craving, revoltion or any kind of reaction at all. By observing the sensations, you train your subconscious mind at the deepest level to change its habit pattern of reacting. You gain a deeper understanding of “dhamma” the law of nature and that all things are constantly changing and nothing is permanent. Therefore, we should not become attached to any sensation, no matter how pleasant or unpleasant, because the sensation will not last. The law of nature is universal and applies to everything.

3. Metta – this part of the meditation in which you focus your thoughts on love, kindness and compassion for all beings.

My Recommendations:
1. Find a comfortable sitting position the first day you are there, so you can begin focusing right away on the meditation instead of how uncomfortable you are.

2. Don’t be afraid to talk with the assistant teachers about any questions or confusion you have about the technique.

3. Don’t beat yourself up when you find your mind wandering or are having a hard time focusing.

All the best to you!